The reason

by estherkirkland

I found my true loves in the same year. One is still a child and the other is a man. They both fulfill my needs and they both fill my heart with nothing but joy and love. I love my boys more than life itself. They are my strength they are my everything. My number one priority is my family. My boys are the love of my life and they are the reason that i am who i am now, they changed me since i first layer eyes on them. They made everything better and they made my life complete. You might wonder how i got so lucky? Truth is i didn’t, I got Blessed. I live in a world where nothing matters as long as my boys are okay. I learned to become a better person and have a bigger heart and be more understanding when i met them. Zayy my little one you have changed me since day one my darling and you continue yo amaze me! You have gotten so big and you have changed so much and you are slowly becoming your father. You teach me more stuff than i teach you and you give me more strength than i give you. You hold my hand when i am around and you kiss my cheek when you see me smile. I love everything about you from the little gaps between your teeth to the way you say “I love you mommy.” My dearest husband you changed me since the day you met me in high school . You smiled at me and looked deep into my eyes and said “you will be my wife.” Till this day i still smile and giggle just thinking about it. My life with you is so much better and you bring nothing but happiness and joy. You are the greatest father and husband and son anyone can ask for. You are my better half my only half mi vida. 

With out these men i don’t know where i would be. i would probably be a lost soul wondering around in this big world, but I’m not I’m a soul that belongs to my boys and will belong to them even after death.

If someone says love isn’t happiness then i don’t know what happiness is. Because my happiness includes late night stories, kisses, cuddles, and I love you’s.


My boys are the reason I’m still Living, the reason i am Happy, and the reason that i am Strong.