home sweet home

by estherkirkland


When you think of home what comes to your mind?

“Home” doesn’t only mean your house your apartment, it means the place that made you and the place that you come from. My first home is Pasadena, California ❤ . Where the sun is always out and the beaches are beautiful. I was born and raised there and my home is my happy place. Its full of city lights and cars always running, you see different stuff when you are out on the street meet different people with different beliefs and different backgrounds. California is the ideal get away for many and for some its the stay away place. When I think of home i think of my family and my friends, i think of my childhood and my adventures, I think of the good times and bad but mostly good 🙂 . When i think of home i think of the Paseo full of people specially when christmas and new years is around the corner. I see many people come around at that time of year and it is amazing its full of craziness and joy :). When i think of home think of my Happy place because there is no place like home.




My second home is Fort Polk, Louisiana. Now when i think of this home its a whole different feeling than my first home. 

When I think of Fort Polk i think of peace of nature of trees. Everything is green in spring and the summer, some trees are white right after winter and then turn green Its beautiful ! when i think of my current home i think of Freedom i think of Pure air I think of God. Now don’t get me wrong i always think of God because with out him i wouldn’t be here. But this place makes me think more of him because everything he crested is right in front of me, the air is pure the trees are greener than green the bugs are out and free the birds chirp not only in the morning but all day long and the squirrels play all day long. God created such a beautiful place. When I think of my current home i think of Peace and quite and i think of MY GET AWAY. When i feel like all my faith is about to end i look right outside my bedroom window and I see this big beautiful tree ImageImage

and then it hits me God is amazing and he will never let me down. When i think of Home i think of my family i think of my husband and son and hopefully future babies <3. La vita è bella. DONT FORGET THAT ❤