by estherkirkland

So we all have loved ones, wether its family or friends. In my case is my best friend and my husband ❤ he’s not only that but he is my high school sweetheart. So when you think of love what comes to your mind? Well let me tell you what came to some peoples minds when i asked the question, I had someone say starbucks ahahah as we all know we can LOVE something else than a human <3, other people said their families, husbands, daughters , the first hug after Deployment and of course God. Others think of music, dance, their jobs, their pets :). When i think of Love i think of my pets, my family, my child, my sweetheart and God. With out love we wouldn’t be happy with out love we wouldn’t be living. Love keeps us going, Love is more than just a word its a feeling and a thought. I LOVE YOU are powerful words they mean so much and once again you can Love anything or anyone you want.We are different love stories we all have a love for something different but LOVE is what brings us together. So don’t forget to say I Love You just for the heck of it because we don’t know when something or someone will be gone. ❤ Love and Peace 🙂 Make love Not war ❤ .